1420 ml

Pear Cider

At The Maverick Cider Co. we craft our cider with careful consideration and attention to every detail. Authentic cider can only be made from freshly pressed, unadulterated apples juice.

We use specific apple varieties selected for their unique attributes and final contribution to the blend. Hand-picked from the tree, washed, crushed to pulp and slowly squeezed with a belt press to extract the juice.  All on our family estate cidery located in the South Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada.

The juice is gravity clarified overnight. Clear juice is racked into stainless steel vats and inoculated with specifically selected Champagne yeasts. It is then fermented at low temperatures to preserve the pure apple aromas.

Finally, the cider is filtered and carbonated to add a delicate sparkle to the final product.

The hand-crafted philosophy at The Maverick Cider Co. creates an authentic, crisp, dry cider. A pure expression of our unique corner of the world.

A blend of Bosc pears and Granny Smith apples with a touch of our Estate Chardonnay. This cider is a beautiful pale straw yellow colour with strong Bosc pear aromas and undertones of Chardonnay which add to the depth and complexity of flavour.